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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes I think what it would be like if, for some miraculous reason, every one all of a sudden became the same. What would it be like if the bullied and the bully were in the same possition, neither being bullied. And neither being bullies. Consider this for a moment. Look around at schools, at stores, at work. And tell me what you see. Do you see peace between everybody? No. Instead you see name-callers, instigators, everyone is something, wether it be adults or children. People think it is harmless, but not when your the bullied. Look at that position and what do you think anybody would do about it. Everyone says "of course i would stop whatever was going on" but never have i ever seen anybody stop to help someone that was tripped, someone who was bad-mouthed. Our world is not perfect and neither are the people in it. things have always been this way, and no matter how hard anyone tries this is how they will stay.

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