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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Scars.

My mom and dad resently found out that I was having sex. Not only was the first time with someone I'd known for all of 6 hours, it was my best friends boyfriends brother.
A quick catch-up, I was drunk, he was drunk and my best friends mother went to jail for it. i don't remember one bit of it and afterward I beat the shit out of his older brother, aka. my best friends bf. the night went down hill from there and it was really long.
When my parentals found out from a friends son, that was also there, i was no longer aloud to see my best friend. the one thing I wanted was to talk to her, and that was the #1 thing I couldn't do.
Since that night my life has been nothing but hell. Everyone al school found out and i was treated terribly. I've been through cousneling for trying to kill myself. I still have the scars.

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